"Don't come to us without bringing music.
We celebrate with drum and flute
And wine not made from grapes
In a place you cannot imagine." Rumi

Rapture Rumi

a CD by Steven Flynn

Rapture Rumi, CD by Steven Flynn

The Music

The ecstatic, passionate poetry of the 13th century mystic Jelaluddin Rumi is the inspiration for the music on this new album, Rapture Rumi, by Steven Flynn. Dark, turbulent, jubilant, these churning melody lines haunt us and rip at our hearts. Joined by master percussionist Armando Mafufo, Steven utilizes ney (reed flute), tar (frame drum), digeridoo, violin, and more in creating this music. Hot rhythms and yearning melodies combine to make songs that speak of the desires of both body and soul. Great music for listening or dancing.

The Musician

Steven Flynn is a Northwest composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist. In his work, ancient and modern musical elements combine to produce exotic soundscapes and musical narratives that ignite and inspire the imagination.

Samples from the CD

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